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    The Problem to Slove

    Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a serious medical condition that affects 1.5 billion people in the world. Current clinical BP measurement still utilizes the 100-year-old cuff-based method, which is slow, single-shot and user-unfriendly. With an instrument like that, it often requires a months-long, multi-visits clinic protocol to achieve a definitive diagnosis of hypertension and in fact 50% of the cases were not classified correctly. In diagnosis stage, physicians are looking for better techniques to monitor patients’ BP outside of the clinic to help reduce the 50% rate of misclassification. In treatment stage, patients are looking for easier ways to track their BP anywhere, anytime.

    What we do

    STA Technology are a wearable biomedical device company founded in Boston, Massachusetts. We are introducing the first cuffless wearable blood pressure monitoring device that allows 24hr continuous BP monitoring at medical level accuracy in a home environment. Our device features remote monitoring with excellent portability and reliability. Our proprietary algorithm to collect data and interpret results will greatly assist medical decision in outpatient settings, where frequent misclassification and frustration appears due to current suboptimal 100-year-old cuff based technologies.

  • Who we are

    Meet our founding team!

    Ning Zhang


    MGH BME Researcher

    Former CTO of EnterTech

    Zhejiang University BME Bachelor

    Chang Liu


    Experienced in Tech Commercialization,

    PhD/PRIME Master in Brown

    Liz Liu

    Marketing and BD Director

    PM at CVS Pharmacy, BME Bachelor in Tsinghua and PRIME Master in Brown.

    Xin Qi

    Design Director and PR

    6 years of working experience as an interdisciplinary designer.

    RISD Master

    Linbo Shao

    BME Engineer

    Harvard Ph.D. Candidate

    Peking University

    EE Bachelor


    Please send your resume to stabpflex@gmail.com, we are waiting for you to join us