• Cuffless Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

    BPFlex, Remote Monitoring With Surgical-level Accuracy


    Our mission is to become the "new gold standard" of hypertension diagnosis and management.

  • BPFlex

    BPFlex team is working on a novel cuffless headwear blood pressure monitoring system, it merges three noninvasive cuffless BP technologies to form a multi-modality system. It utilizes novel data fusion algorithms to enable reliable, unobtrusive 24-hour continuous beat to beat BP monitoring.


    Here are the highlight features!


    Our system utilizes multi-modality technology for calibration and provides 7 physiological signals.

    Wearable Design

    Light-weighted (<150g), wearable, silent, suitable for long-term monitoring.

    Continuous Monitor

    24-hour continuous blood pressure monitoring at medical-level accuracy.


    Support by smart phone app, EHR (electronic healthcare records) compatible.

  • NEWS

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    NECINA 2017 Annual Conference

    June 17th 2017

    Through a Fierce competition, STA Tech becomes the finalist project (Top 10) and ended up with a Second Place.

    PULSE Finale - A Digital Health Celebration

    June 13th 2017

    PULSE Finale celebrates the world’s best digital health entrepreneurs and champions. For six months, 31 PULSE@MassChallenge startups have been solving healthcare’s greatest challenges with over 20 Champions. STATechnology is proud to be part of it.